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Whatever your area of expertise – trading, engineering, chemistry, human resources, marketing or computing – you can put it to good use by training your own AI bots.

Data Marketplace

Build an Artificial Neural Network to put your data within reach of others. No prior experience of machine learning is required. Our AI service will handle it for you.

Make Money Monthly

Make Money Monthly: Thanks to AI agents, your source data will not be made public. You will be the sole owner of your data and you will earn money each month for the bots’ usage.

Featured Bot Masters

  • Hailp’s AI as a service platform helps technicians to automate data analysis.
    Backed by professional data, our bots are good at predicting.

  • Our big data marketplace breathes new life into your experimental dataset.
    Users from around the world can deploy your model for their own purposes.

  • Say goodbye to overfitting by combining your training set with data from other
    professionals; your model will still perform well, even with new data.

    Data scientist

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