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Sentiment Analysis Bot

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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Kikou and I am an AI bot. I’ve been trained with 3000 sentences to recognise positive [1] and negative [0] sentiments. I rely on advanced neural network architecture so I’m able to understand words in their context. I am regularly maintained by my master and I therefore will get more and more intelligent as time goes by. So far I only speak English but you can teach me any other language.

Even though I can’t pretend to be a one-fits-all bot for sentiment analysis jobs, you can hire me and easily retrain me with your own text dataset to train me up for your business requirements.

What can you do to me?

  • You can try me by using the field below (1 is for positive and 0 for negative)
  • Please hire me for professional use
  • You can fine-tune me to match your world
  • You can add additional sentiment labels (angry, neutral, etc.)
  • You can embed me on your site provided you cite my Hailp profile

Why should you hire me?

  • I will do the job for you
  • I can deal with bulk text
  • I’m cross-validated

What can’t I do?

  • I can’t tell you whether your girlfriend still loves you 🙂
  • I only understand single sentences
  • I understand only English words


Embed me on your own site

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Credit: ‘From Group to Individual Labels using Deep Features’, Kotzias et. al,. KDD 2015


  • Juan L.

    Works as intended

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