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Super Assistant Agent Immobilier

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About the bot
This AI agent helps real estate professionals in France to appraise real estate prices based on its own existing data. The bot has been pre-trained with 50 thousand real estate listings to enhance the learning capability.

How does it work?

Step1: Hire the bot
Step2: Upload your training data (listings with known prices)
Step3: Train the bot with the new data
Step4: Your artificial intelligence agent is ready for use


Embed my bot on your own site, add the code

<iframe style="max-width: 100% !important; border: none; height:320px" width="560" src=""></iframe>

What are the features
By default, the AI agent use the following features to estimate the property price:

  • type
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • nombre de chambres
  • surface
  • departement
  • nombre de pieces
  • surface du terrain
  • surface de sejour
  • cusine equipe
  • assainissement
  • type de construction
  • stationnements
  • salles de bain
  • construction
  • nombre d’etages
  • jardin privatif
  • plain pied
  • etage de l’appartment
  • etages de l’immeuble
  • ascenseur
  • dpe


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