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E.coli protein locator

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This Hailp bot enables biologists to estimate the protein localisation sites of E.coli bacteria, given the values of the following attributes:

  • [mcg]: McGeoch’s method for signal sequence recognition.
  • [gvh]: von Heijne’s method for signal sequence recognition.
  • [lip]: von Heijne’s Signal Peptidase II consensus sequence score. (binary)
  • [chg]: Presence of charge on N-terminus of predicted lipoproteins (binary)
  • [aac]: score of discriminant analysis of the amino acid content of outer membrane and periplasmic proteins.
  • [alm1]: score of the ALOM membrane spanning region prediction program.
  • [alm2]: score of ALOM program after excluding putative cleavable signal regions from the sequence.

The neural network model has been trained and cross-validated using data from [1]; the predicted location can be any of the following labels: cp, im, imS, imL, imU, om, omL and pp.

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Data source: Kenta Nakai, Institue of Molecular and Cellular Biology – Osaka, University


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