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Phishing Websites Identifier

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The phishing sites identifier enables professionals to detect suspicious sites by using big data and artificial intelligence. The bot analyses the site’s behaviour, the site’s technical specification and available public data to identify potential threats.

This bot has been trained with 2456 instances of data and was cross-validated at 95%. The bot is already smart enough to deal with most situations, but you can also push the training further by adding more data.

The following outputs are expected:

[-1]: Phishing threat
[1]: Legitimate site

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The required inputs are:

Address Bar based Features

  • [having_IP_Address]: IP Address
  • [URL_Length]: URL length
  • [Shortening_Service]: URL Shortening Services
  • [having_At_Symbol]: “@” symbol in the URL
  • [double_slash_redirecting]: existence of “//” within the URL
  • [Prefix_Suffix]: dash symbol in the URLs
  • [having_Sub_Domain]: Dots In Domain Part (Sub Domain and Multi Sub Domains)
  • [SSLfinal_State]: Use https
  • [Domain_registeration_length]: Domain Registration Length (year)
  • [Favicon]: Favicon source (Loaded From External Domain or not)
  • [Port]: Using Non-Standard Port
  • [HTTPS_token]: Existence of “HTTPS” Token in the Domain Part of the URL

Abnormal Based Features

  • [Request_URL]:% of Request URL
  • [URL_of_Anchor]: % of URL Of Anchor
  • [Links_in_tags]: % of Links in “<Meta>”,”<Script>” and “<Link>”
  • [SFH]: Server Form Handler details
  • [Submitting_to_email]: Using “mail()” or “mailto:” Function
  • [Abnormal_URL]: Host Name Included or not in URL

HTML and JavaScript based Features

  • [Redirect]: Number of of redirect page
  • [on_mouseover]: onMouseOver action on status bar
  • [RightClick]: Right Click Disabled or not
  • [popUpWidnow]: Text Fields in Popoup Window
  • [Iframe]: iframe usage

Domain based Features

  • [age_of_domain]: Age Of Domain
  • [DNSRecord]: DNS Record available or not
  • [web_traffic]: Website Rank
  • [Page_Rank]: PageRank
  • [Google_Index]: Webpage Indexed by Google
  • [Links_pointing_to_page]: Number of Links Pointing to Page
  • [Statistical_report]: Host Belongs to Top Phishing IPs or Top Phishing Domains

Data source: Rami Mustafa A Mohammad (University of Huddersfield), Lee McCluskey (University of Huddersfield), Fadi Thabtah(Canadian University of Dubai)


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