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SMS Spam Detector

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Spam detector is a smart artificial intelligence bot for separating spam from ham SMS. Powered by the latest technology in machine learning and semantic analysis, this bot can understand the context of each word and classifies SMS accordingly. The spam detector bot has been trained using up to 5574 SMS messages and has been cross-validated at 98% (more than 85% spam detected).

Output labels are:

  • [spam]: SMS classified as SPAM
  • [ham]: SMS classified as HAM

By hiring this bot, not only will you enjoy the magic of our pre-trained artificial neural network, but you can also adapt it for your business requirements through additional training.

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Credit: Data from Tiago A. Almeida (talmeida Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar) Sorocaba – Sao Paulo – Brazil


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