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Accelerometer Data Analysis

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This AI bot is recommended for anyone involved in the Internet of Things project. It helps to identify human activity by analysing measurements from a chest-mounted accelerometer. The neural network has been trained using about 2 million instances of measures from [1].

As output labels, the bot can detect any of following activity:

  • Working at Computer
  • Standing Up
  • Walking and Going Up/Downstairs
  • Walking
  • Going UpDown Stairs
  • Walking and Talking with Someone
  • Talking while Standing

The following inputs are needed:

  • X acceleration
  • Y acceleration
  • Z acceleration

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Credit: Data from Casale, P. Pujol, O. and Radeva, P. Personalization and user verification in wearable systems using biometric walking patterns, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 16(5), 563-580, 2012


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