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Bird Identifier XXL


Hi, we are Pixel Lab and we specialise in photo recognition bots. We are also available for custom bot training.

We have created this AI bot to help bird lovers and ornithologists to identify bird species simply by uploading photos. The current bot has been trained with only 60 bird photos per species and therefore encounters an overfitting problem. However, this would be a good starting point if you wanted to increase the performance by uploading your own labelled photos.

Thanks to deep learning technology, few hundreds of additional photos per class would be enough to make this bot fully operational.


The Bird Identifier XXL bot can recognize any of following bird species. You can easily extend the list by adding more labels:
Acadian flycatcher, american redstart, baird sparrow, baird sparrow, bay breasted warbler, black billed cuckoo, black throated blue warbler, blue jay, bohemian waxwing, bronzed cowbird, cactus wren, cape may warbler, cedar waxwing, chuck will widow, common raven, dark eyed junco, elegant tern, fish crow, frigatebird, golden winged warbler, green kingfisher, harris sparrow, hooded merganser, horned lark, indigo bunting, lazuli bunting, least tern, louisiana waterthrush, marsh wren, nashville warbler, northern fulmar, orchard oriole, palm warbler, pied billed grebe, pine grosbeak, prothonotary warbler, red cockaded woodpecker, red legged kittiwake, ringed kingfisher, rufous hummingbird, sayornis, seaside sparrow, sooty albatross, tennessee warbler, vermilion flycatcher, western gull, white breasted kingfisher, white necked raven, winter wren, yellow breasted chat, american crow, american three toed woodpecker, baltimore oriole, belted kingfisher, black capped vireo, black throated sparrow, blue winged warbler, brandt cormorant, brown creeper, california gull, cardinal, cerulean warbler, clark nutcracker, common tern, downy woodpecker, european goldfinch, florida jay, gadwall, grasshopper sparrow, great crested flycatcher, green tailed towhee, heermann gull, hooded oriole, horned puffin, ivory gull, le conte sparrow, lincoln sparrow, magnolia warbler, mockingbird, nelson sharp tailed sparrow, northern waterthrush, ovenbird, parakeet auklet, pied kingfisher, pine warbler, purple finch, red eyed vireo, red winged blackbird, rock wren, rusty blackbird, scarlet tanager, shiny cowbird, spotted catbird, tree sparrow, vesper sparrow, western meadowlark, white breasted nuthatch, white pelican, worm eating warbler, yellow headed blackbird, american goldfinch, anna hummingbird, bank swallow, bewick wren, black footed albatross, blue grosbeak, boat tailed grackle, brewer blackbird, brown pelican, canada warbler, carolina wren, chestnut sided warbler, clay colored sparrow, common yellowthroat, eared grebe, evening grosbeak, forsters tern, geococcyx, gray catbird, great grey shrike, green violetear, henslow sparrow, hooded warbler, house sparrow, kentucky warbler, least auklet, loggerhead shrike, mallard, mourning warbler, nighthawk, olive sided flycatcher, pacific loon, pelagic cormorant, pigeon guillemot, pomarine jaeger, red bellied woodpecker, red faced cormorant, rhinoceros auklet, rose breasted grosbeak, sage thrasher, scissor tailed flycatcher, slaty backed gull, summer tanager, tree swallow, warbling vireo, western wood pewee, white crowned sparrow, white throated sparrow, yellow bellied flycatcher, yellow throated vireo, american pipit, artic tern, barn swallow, black and white warbler, black tern, blue headed vireo, bobolink, brewer sparrow, brown thrasher, cape glossy starling, caspian tern, chipping sparrow, cliff swallow, crested auklet, eastern towhee, field sparrow, fox sparrow, glaucous winged gull, gray crowned rosy finch, green jay, groove billed ani, herring gull, horned grebe, house wren, laysan albatross, least flycatcher, long tailed jaeger, mangrove cuckoo, myrtle warbler, northern flicker, orange crowned warbler, painted bunting, philadelphia vireo, pileated woodpecker, prairie warbler, red breasted merganser, red headed woodpecker, ring billed gull, ruby throated hummingbird, savannah sparrow, scott oriole, song sparrow, swainson warbler, tropical kingbird, western grebe, whip poor will, white eyed vireo, wilson warbler, yellow billed cuckoo, yellow warbler.

Data source: Wah C., Branson S., Welinder P., Perona P., Belongie S. “The Caltech-UCSD Birds-200-2011 Dataset.” Computation & Neural Systems Technical Report, CNS-TR-2011-001


  • hailper

    Hi guy/girl, you should consider adding more data to deal with your overfiting problem. I can understand that there are not many bird photos out there, but you can pretrain your model with any labeled photo (not necessarily related to birds) and then finetune it with the birds dataset. The hailp team can help you if needed.

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